The Audient iD22 – the Voiceover’s interface

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After much deliberation over the merits of various audio interfaces, I recently invested in an Audient iD22. I’m delighted that I did. For voiceover, the most important considerations are the professionalism of the microphone pre-amps, and the fidelity of the Analogue to Digital conversion. In music production a great deal of discussion goes in to the latency of an interface, because recording musicians and producers wish to monitor from their Digital Audio Workstation and hence play to the backing tracks and use plug-ins in real-time, with no discernible delay. Whilst the USB 2.0 connection of the iD22 and similar interfaces is fast enough, interfaces using Thunderbolt connection offer lower latency. However, for VO features like mic pres, converters, high-pass filters and talk-back button are more crucial, and it’s in those areas that the iD22 is a clear winner. Especially sporting it’s clear, clean, detailed large console-grade Audient pre-amps and Burr Brown converters. Great piece of kit for the VO studio!





The Audient iD22 audio interface (right)

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