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When you choose me to record your next voiceover project, not only can you be confident in a professional, conscientious performance from me; you can rest assured that you’re receiving high quality, truly professional standard audio recordings. The carefully chosen equipment that forms my signal chain will see to that…

Voice booth, by EQ Acoustics

My home studio booth was custom-designed and built for me by acoustic products and installation company, EQ Acoustics. Based just up the road from me in Stockbridge, Hampshire, they constructed a standalone space equipped with their high quality Spectrum Acoustic Panels. Unlike more common foam designs, these panels use a more efficient glasswool core, that is effective at absorbing to lower frequencies.


Microphone, by Neumann

The German-engineered Neumann U87ai has become the gold standard in the voice over industry worldwide. For decades this mic has won favour with sound engineers thanks to its full, even range, warm low mid frequencies and excellent cut-through in the mix. Every time I sit behind it and begin to speak, I know I made the right choice.


Audio interface, by Prism Sound

Designed and made in England, the Prism Sound Lyra 1 carries some of the finest high-end digital audio conversion and clocking technology in the world. Many of the professional music recordings you hear were mastered through Prism Sound converters. Combined with its high-quality, clean, detailed mic preamp, the Lyra is the crucial bridge between the analogue and digital worlds


Digital Audio Workstation, Pro Tools 12

Another worldwide industry standard, Avid Pro Tools offers a high level of refinement, editing and audio processing power. Arguably overkill for recording and editing single tracks of speech, but Pro Tools really comes in to its own in my audio/radio production work.

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