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Rich Cope’s Studio

studio-2Rich can deliver 24-bit resolution audio in WAV or AIFF format, or as hi-res MP3 file, online via FTP site transfer or (for smaller sized files) via email. He is also available on broadcast quality ISDN; or if you prefer, link up and direct the session on Skype (session audio is recorded in Rich’s studio then delivered to you via FTP site straight after the session). He also now has IP DTL connection too.

Rich has a production ear, which means he understands the importance of delivering high quality audio. He’s proud of the home studio he’s built up; with gear carefully chosen for its voiceover suitability and reputation for delivering quality results. Rich’s studio strikes a considered balance between the right mic, a smooth, transparent preamp, pro quality digital conversion, and a clean, warm acoustic.

Home studio features:

– Bespoke professional EQ Acoustics voiceover booth
– Neumann U87ai microphone
– Prism Sound Lyra 1 audio interface
– Aston Spirit multi-pattern microphone
– Neumann TLM 102 microphone
– Audient iD22 Audio Interface
– Focusrite ISA One mic pre-amp
– sE Electronics X1 USB mic
– Apple iMac with Pro Tools DAW
– Focusrite Red audio plug-in suite
– Waves C4 multiband compressor plug-in20161125_112020
– Rycote USM-L mic shockmount
– Audio Technica ATH-M50 studio headphones
– Neumann PS15 pop screen
– CDQ Prima 110 ISDN codec


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