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Rich Cope

I fell in love with Radio in the heady days of the early 90's listening to Radio 1. From Pete Tong to Mark and Lard, I loved the immediacy and creativity radio could offer you. I also used to make dodgy dance music with a mate in my bedroom studio, and it was that love of radio and studio gear that lead me to study my degree in Media Production at Farnborough College.

After graduating I pursued a career in radio creative, writing and producing commercials, and it was then that I realised that I loved jumping behind the mic and performing voiceovers. Years of directing other Voice artists had honed my skills and experience in following direction and delivering vocal performances that bring the scripts to life.

There is something magical about stepping in to the booth, sitting at the mic, putting on the headphones and hitting Record. It still gives me a buzz; and I take pride in nailing your script read and delivering a job well done.

"A gob of gold"

     Christian Allen - Cube Productions

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